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The Creamiest TextView in the App Store

April 14, 2013

I'm very pleased to announce the launch of my "weekend project" about a year in-the-making. Indigo In is now available on both the App Store and Mac App Store for all of your Macs and other Apple devices, and it's free. Enjoy.

Indigo In on iPhone

Indigo In on iPhone

There is no shortage of simple notetaking apps for either Mac or iOS, so I think it's worth mentioning what makes Indigo In a little different.

First, there is exactly one note. When you launch In you are editing that note. You never have to exit a note, create a new note, delete old notes, organize or tag your notes, etc. This makes for a really nice ubiquitous capture experience.

Launch In, start typing1. If you haven't yet gotten religion on ubiquitous capture, it's like the move from Windows to Mac: few who make the switch look back.

Second, the sync. This is why a weekend prototype took a year to hit the App Store. My original vision was simple: one page of notes constantly in sync between my Mac, iPhone and iPad. To make that happen took more than I expected. I might go into the technical details in the future, but for now I will say that I'm pleased with the result. Tap ideas into Indigo In on any of your devices and they will appear on all your other devices within a few seconds.

There are other nice things about Indigo In. The sharing feature (a $1 in-app purchase available only on the iPhone/iPad version of In) is handy for whipping through what you've captured and actually doing something with it. If you have a favorite app you'd like as a Share destination please suggest it on Twitter @indigoinapp.

Also, there is no sign-up or sign-in: everything is synced through iCloud, to which your device is probably already connected. That invisible login experience was the reason I stuck with iCloud despite its challenges.

Indigo In is a classic scratch-my-own-itch project and I'm really happy to see it spread its wings. It's in each of my docks and I use it constantly. I hope you find it useful too.

1. Try voice-dication with In. This feels especially Star Trek.